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Our vision

For more than two decades we've worked to involve, teach and inspire dancers of all kinds, just lovers of movement. Dynamic, creative, and energized is what Star City School of Ballet aims to be.

Our values... 

  • Dancing and Education Quality. Our students receive individualized, professional dance education and training from our talented, experienced faculty.  We offer many different paths for students to help them reach their goals. We teach professionalism through dance, but commitment leaps to all other industries as the student matures. 

  • We help each other thrive. We are all vulnerable, human beings who speak from the heart, value others’ contributions, and invest in each other’s growth. We are a team.

  • Do The Right Thing: Integrity is the foundation for everything we do. Families trust and respect us for our commitment to honesty, trust, and transparency. We do the right thing — even when no one is watching. We start as an example and expect the same from our students and their families.

  • Give Joy: We laugh. We express gratitude, we learn and have fun while doing it. We love making people feel good about being a part of our studio.We expect our students to thrive on positive energy. 

  • Confidence with Humility:  We strive to build not only technical and creative excellence in our students, but also instill a sense of humble confidence that permeates in every part of their lives. We promote body positivity in our students and believe that dance is for everyone. One of our favorite things to remind our dancers is that they can do what they set their mind to. We constantly remind our students that reaching their goals is within their grasp.


  • Community First. At the heart of every decision we make is our community - our students and our dance families are all part of Roanoke Valley Community. We encourage them to dance within the community, and together we strive to contribute in whatever way we can. 

  • Safety First  We place a great emphasis on correct alignment and age-specific technical progression and strength and mobility building to keep students physically safe and create a welcoming, non-competitive, encouraging atmosphere to keep students emotionally safe. We want a safe space in every sense.​​​​​​​​

  • The door is open at Star City School of Ballet: We welcome students and their families. This space is theirs too. The door remains open, even if their life path leads elsewhere,  the door remains open if they ever decide to return. 

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Get to Know Us

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